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BRIC Vacation Rentals

Commonly Asked Questions

  • "Which Airport do we fly into?" - Your arrival airport will be Cancun International Airport which is located about 40 miles north of Playa del Carmen; it will take you about 45 minutes via private shuttle from the Airport to Playa del Carmen. You should find direct flights from almost any major airport in the World.
  • "How do I get from Cancun International to my BRIC Vacation Property?" - You have several options here, but my recommendation is to utilize the private van service offered through your BRIC Vacation Rental Hostess! The van will accommodate up to 8 adults plus luggage and take you directly from the airport to The BRIC Hotel where you will check in and be taken by your concierge to your home! The round trip cost of this service is $160 USD. You can also grab a taxi directly from the airport and the cost is fixed at $82 each way. Problem is a taxi only accommodates 3 people (barely), so my recommendation is to use the Private Van Service. You can add this option directly onto your reservation!
  • "Is Playa del Carmen Safe?" - This has become the number 1 asked question! And the answer is and astounding "YES"! Playa del Carmen has the same crime rate as South Dakota, so chances are that the city where you live has a significantly higher crime rate that we do here in Playa! All of the bad press you are hearing regarding Mexican violence revolves around the drug trade occurring at the U.S. / Mexico border and again the chances are that your home town is actually closer to this than we are here in Playa del Carmen, over 2,500 miles removed from the border towns! In the 5+ years we have been here, we have NEVER had a crime incident, which again is something you can probably not say about your home town?!
  • "What if I have to cancel my trip or my airline flight is canceled or changed?" - Spend the extra few bucks and purchase Travel Insurance!!!!! Travel Insurance is like every other insurance policy; you hope you never have to use it, but you feel a lot better when you have it! And should something happen that throws a kink into your travel plans, the Insurance policy will cover your costs! 
  • "When is the best time to visit?" - This depends on what you are looking for on a vacation. In short the Winter and Spring months are the most popular because the weather is simply perfect. The downside being that the price of your vacation rental and everything else is significantly more expensive ~ Supply & Demand! On the other hand, if your looking to save money and come visit during the slower months, come anytime after Easter. The prices are much lower and town is much quieter; downside being that it's HOT and HUMID during the summer months. If you want the best of both, I recommend visiting in October, November or December before the Holiday season; the weather is cooler and the crowds are much quieter!
  • "Why rent a Private Condo or Home when there are so many All-Inclusive Resorts?" - These are two totally different vacations! If your the type of person that prefers to stay in ONE resort area your entire vacation and you enjoy buffet style meals and watered down house margaritas, then you should book an All Inclusive Hotel, although there is really no reason to even travel to Mexico at this point! 
If on the other hand you are the type of person that wants to engage and experience what this magical city has to offer then you are the type of person that should rent a private condo or home. Use the BRIC Concierge staff to plan your vacation before you even arrive! Playa del Carmen is one of the most incredible destinations in the entire World so please make the effort to enjoy and appreciate everything that Playa has to offer!
  • "Why rent through BRIC Vacation Rentals?" - You don't have to take our word for it, just read some of the 300+ reviews about BRIC Vacation Rentals on Trip Advisor and you will see why we are not only the most popular and largest in Playa del Carmen, but how our staff and the service we provide will directly enhance your vacation experience.
We know there are other choices for Vacation Rentals in Playa del Carmen, but despite what they promise and what they offer, there simply is no other firm that offers a greater variety of properties and more personalized service than BRIC Vacation Rentals. Speak to our staff and view the service options available and you too will agree that BRIC Vacation Rentals is not only the best choice, but the only choice if you are looking to have the greatest vacation experience in Playa del Carmen!
  • "What is there to do in Playa del Carmen, any suggestions?" - I've been here for over 5 years and have even yet to do all the tours and excursions that we have, nor have I eaten at probably even 1/4 of the restaurants here in town. Short answer is you can fill your entire day, every day, with just depends on what you are looking to do and what you deem as "vacation".
If you are a lounger-type vacation person, you can enjoy different beaches every single day from Playa del Carmen, south to Tulum. Sit in the sun and enjoy an Adult Beverage with an umbrella in it! Or....mix it up and spend some time zipping through the Jungles, Playing a round of golf on a PGA course or visit some of the many ruins in the Riviera Maya! No matter what you define as "vacation", Playa del Carmen will exceed your expectations and your BRIC Vacation Rental staff is here to make it all perfect for you. See also the tab on this website "Local Area Guide" for some references and personal favorites!